About HR-DOX

Ensuring effective human resource administration

Contact: Warren Gilbert
Cell: + 27 71 883 9910
Email: info@hrdox.co.za
Web: www.hrdox.co.za

Corporate Governance is currently being emphasised. HR-DOX™ is a simple, yet effective tool to ensure effective governance as far as human resources is concerned. HR-DOX™ boosts the governance and efficiency of your business by scanning paper documents, converting them to electronic format and saving the electronic document on a web-based system. The scanned document is time and date stamped, ensuring the integrity of information, and preventing fraud and stealing of documents.

Instead of facing piles of unfiled or even incorrectly filed human resources documents, turn your Human Resource Management files into a paperless format which is accurate and accessible from anywhere in the world! The process followed is to digitally scan each document and save it as a PDF document. All scanned documents are then linked to the name of a company and a specific employee. The SAVING PROTOCOL is applied to each document to ensure traceability of documents. HR-DOX (Pty) Ltd also offers off-site filing and storage. The system also offers a notice board, access to all human resource management policies and a birthday list.

The PERMISSION MANAGEMENT PROTOCOL makes use of a password system which is applied to carefully manage who can access which information. The options includes three levels namely:

  • Senior managers and HR-Practitioners who have access to all records.
  • Managers and supervisors who has access to the records of the employees reporting to them.
  • Employees who have access to their own records (if required).

The input method uses simple scanners or high quality - high volume batch scanners and can be performed on-site by the client company or it can be performed off-site on the premises of HR-DOX (Pty) Ltd. HR-DOX™ is completely web-based, it is hosted off-site and information is protected by the latest security features. The technical security specifications are:

  • Passwords get randomly generated by a combination of 8 Alpha-Numeric case sensitive characters.
  • Change password force the user to have a password of at least 8 Alpha-numeric case sensitive characters.
  • The system enforces password renewal after 30 days to ensure that the same password it not used again.
  • Protection is provided from lay man attacks namely after five tries the user is locked-out.
  • HR-DOX (Pty) Ltd is alerted when a user tried to log-in more than five consecutive times with an incorrect password.
  • The password encryption in the database is adequate.
  • Web-page user-controls use HTML 5 password protection features.
  • An SSL Security Certificate is in place.