The Complete HR Document Management System

Ensuring effective human resource administration

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Company Homepage

Every Company can display the following on the homepage:

  • Notices
  • Reminders
  • Birthdays

  • It also provides a topical summary of the basic conditions of employment applicable to employees.

    Manage Employees

    This is the main page where the Employee information get changed, after an Employee has been added to the Company.

  • New employees for the company can be added by the top level Manager of the Company
  • Employees can then be updated assigned as the Unit Manager, Department manager or just as a normal employee
  • Employees Designation can be changed to his specific title in the Company
  • Managers of the Employees can also be selected
  • Detailed Employee Information

    The Employee Information page is a very handy page to get detailed information of the Employees in the company.

  • Employee information can be viewed by anybody in the company on the Management level.
  • The Top Levele Manager can view all the Employees information.
  • The Unit Manager can view all the Employee information of his Unit.
  • The Department Manager can view all the Employee information of his Department.
  • The Employee on the lowest level can view his own onformation.
  • Any type of Information stored on the Repository, can be viewed in pdf format, and the documents can be mailed to an email address.

  • Modules available in HRDox

    Document Storage

    A variety of Documents can be stored on the system in PDF format.
    The Documents can be applicable to the Company or the Employee.
    The Types of Company Documents that can be stored include: Equity documents, Leave forms, Job Descriptions, etc.
    The Types of Employee Documents that can be stored include: Curriculum Vitae of Employee, Job Description of the Employee, Job Offer of the Employee, etc.
    More Document types can easily be added to cater for the Company's needs.

    Leave Application

    An Employee can apply for leave, and the Manager can approve it after receiving and email notification.
    Leave types that can be applied include: Annual Leave, Sick Leave, Maternity Leave, etc.


    A Manager can take a Disciplinary action against any Employee who will be notified via Email and SMS.
    Types of Disciplinary actions include: Late for work, Inappropriate Actions at work, Poor performance, etc.


    Claims can be submitted when needing to use company expences to do travels to remote locations.
    The type of Claims that can be submitted, include: Travel Cost, Accomodation Cost and Expenses regarding Meals during the trip.


    Overtime time be submitted for Approval by an Employee's manager.
    A description of the Overtime, the date to be performed and the rate per hour will also be submitted for approval.
    After approval, the Overtime will be performed and eventually approved and submitted for payment.


    A Grievance procedure can be instituted by an Employee against anybody in the Company.
    The Grievance procedure will be handled and recored every step of the way, until it has been resolved with the appropriate actions against the perpetrator.


    Apart from the management of records on HR-DOX ™, the following services are also offered:

    • On-site or off-site scanning and indexing of documents.
    • Off-site storage of documents.
    • Record Managing training to all staff.
    • Quality control of record management processes.